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Foshan LingYingDa (LYD) Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd focuses on design and produce carbon dioxide heat pumps, heat pump steam engines machine and closed dryers, also providing comprehensive high and low temperature energy-saving solutions.
       We has a complete industrial chain of carbon dioxide heat pump series, heat pump steam machine series, and closed dryer series. The products include carbon dioxide heat pump water heaters, carbon dioxide heating machines, carbon dioxide heat fans, ultra-low temperature carbon dioxide cascade machines, and carbon dioxide water source machines, Carbon dioxide domestic hot water + heating + solar three-in-one unit, carbon dioxide swimming pool machine, multi-functional carbon dioxide swimming pool constant temperature and humidity unit, high temperature heat pump steam unit (140 ℃), closed dryer and so on. Among them, the export volume of carbon dioxide heat pumps is among the best. Carbonated water source machines are widely used in the south. The three-in-one unit of domestic hot water + heating + solar energy is initially popularized in Europe. The high temperature heat pump steam unit (140 ℃) has become the nemesis of the boiler.


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LYD has now successfully developed carbon dioxide (CO2) air source heat pump, water source heat pump (cold and heat dual-purpose machine), ultra-low temperature cascade type (minimum working environment temperature -43 ℃), high temperature drying machine (maximum temperature 85 ℃), high temperature heat pump fans (with an outlet of 98°C), integrated household units, split household units, carbon dioxide air conditioners, etc., all series of products have been put on the market. The product has obtained the EU CE certification.